Daily Resource Feed 03/22/2012

  • A social influence measurement tool offers Facebook data on users and their friends to marketers. 

    Tags: Swaylo, Facebook, privacy, chp5, chp9, smm, app, data, monetization

    • Swaylo users must opt in to share their Facebook profile information, including their activities, interests, likes, locations, and religious and political views. They also give the app permission to read the same data about their friends. The purpose is to measure their influence inside relatively small social circles, differentiating Swaylo from Klout, which pulls in data from various social feeds.
    • Swaylo rates users’ influence within their networks on a scale of 0 to 10 and determines whether they’re “connectors” linking disparate groups of people or whether their friends tend to know each other. It also maps out “speed to trends” to gauge whether users are typically informing their networks about musicians, TV shows and public figures, or whether they’re the ones
    • Mr. Goldman said he began talking to marketers early this year and is pitching two products. The first is an offering similar to Klout “Perks,” where Swaylo will identify users who are influential about a certain product and enable marketers to send them freebies and promotions.
    • Swaylo’s business model is built around monetizing user data, the sale of which is banned per Facebook’s policies governing app developers. (In part, it states: “You will not directly or indirectly transfer any data you receive from us. … By any data we mean all data obtained through use of the Facebook Platform (API, Social Plugins, etc.), including aggregate, anonymous or derivative data.”)

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