Daily Resource Feed 07/27/2012

  • Google Now learns from your search behavior and shows you cards with information you regularly search for (think game scores of your favorite teams, flight schedules) or that could be relevant to you because of your current location, including weather, nearby restaurants, schedules for the next bus station, how long it’s going to take you to drive home and currency information if it finds you are in a different country.

    Tags: Google, google now, real time, privacy, mobile

    • this is one of the few Google services that really reveal how much the company really knows about you
  • Infographic reveals why and how social media users use social media for customer service

    Tags: customer service, infographic, emarketer, 2012, stats, data, graphic, v2, chp1, chp5

  • These days at Facebook

    Tags: facebook, earnings, advertising, monetization, gaming, commerce, graphic, chp1, chp5

    • Though some advertisers claimed success with the format, there’s far from a consensus. In fact, eMarketer released a report in June arguing that Facebook’s Marketplace ads — you know, the cheesy direct-response banners for weight-loss products and such — are actually where the growth is at.
    • A bigger concern for analysts perhaps is whether Facebook is successfully transitioning to mobile. The social network’s users are already migrating there. The question is whether Facebook can monetize the new format.
    • While the format is pretty new, early studies are showing an encouraging increase in click-through rates.
    • Zynga on Wednesday reported a net income loss of $22.8 million for its most-recent quarter and revised its outlook for the rest of the year downward. The announcements prompted a 40% drop in the company’s stock in after hours trading, but also depressed Facebook’s stock by 6%.
    • The 1 billion aside, Facebook needs to counter reports that its growth is slowing. In particular, comScore found in April that U.S.-based unique visitors rose just 5% year-over-year to 158 million. Facebook users also spent more than six hours a month on the site, up 16%, but that compares to a 23% increase in 2011. While most would be happy with such growth, Facebook has positioned itself to Wall Street as a growth story, not a relatively mature industry player.
    • Facebook is set to announce a total of 1 billion users any day now. In fact, it could be today. The company has already claimed 901 million users in April,
    • Though Zynga blamed Facebook for the loss — “Our users did not remain as engaged and did not come back as often,” said John Schappert, Zynga’s chief operating officer. “Instead new games were promoted.” — the two companies are still closely linked. In February, Facebook announced that Zynga provides 12% of its revenues. The two companies may be trying to do the business equivalent of seeing other people, but their fortunes are still so closely linked that if Zynga catches a cold, Facebook sneezes.

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