Daily Resource Feed 08/16/2012

  • A collection in Medium

    Tags: medium, twitter, smm, chp6, publishing, Obvious

  • A new social channel? Medium

    Tags: medium, twitter, smm, chp1, chp6, publishing, Obvious

    • Much like that fast-growing social bookmarking site, which features pin boards, where users can curate a themed collection of pictures and other visuals, Medium employs ‘collections’, which can be open to multiple users or curated privately.
    • The examples Obvious has provided shows collections as themed pages, often with multiple contributors that aim to create a larger content experience.  Obvious has created a few of these collaborative pages including “Been There. Loved That“, “Look What I Made“, and “The Writer’s Room“, which showcase some uses for the platform. 
    • the company is essentially looking to up-end the current Web publishing model.
    • It is unclear this early on how online publishers might best use Medium. As it stands, the platform would seem to initially appeal more to individuals rather than major publishers, yet one could imagine a few forward-thinking media company latching onto Medium (which requires—big surprise—a Twitter account to sign up) looking to tap into its inherent social nature.

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