Daily Resource Feed 08/29/2012

  • The story of how an Amazon review turned ugly. DRAMA! Seriously, this is a soap opera-worthy story of vindictiveness towards initially one and then later multiple Amazon reviewers. Reviewers beware.

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  • This is a must read example of the power of social publishing and social community. VW set a goal of influencing women drivers to NOT apply make up while driving. It partnered with an online make up instructor/videocaster, Nikkie, on YouTube. Watch the video to see how this marketing communications piece was executed.

    Nikkie already gets lots of views for her videos so reach would have been quite good but this one went viral. Why? Nikkie is an influencer. The video was novel. The message was relevant.

    Now it’s spreading like influence ripples node to node, network to network. Even here.  

    This post was published by Aaron Lee, August 26th on istrategyconference.com

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    • influencer case study which was done a few months ago by Volkswagen.
      According to The Telegraph, over 500,000 road accidents are caused by women drivers applying make-up in the UK.
    • Volkswagen decided that more women drivers should be more aware about this statistic and decided to take the lead in bringing more attention to women drivers.

      To do so, they went to the “source” where women discuss make-up….. YOUTUBE (oh what did we do before the Internet happened). If you don’t know, YouTube is a place where millions of women around the world learn tips, get to know the latest trends and get inspired about make-up!

    • Volkwagen teamed up with Nikkie, an 18-year-old girl from the Netherlands who had started giving make-up tips on YouTube at the age of 14 who then had over 160,000 subscribers on her channel. (She just passed 200,000 subscribers) 
    • I could tell you more but let’s not spoil the video. I recommend that you watch the video as it will only take you a minute. You could also pick up a few make-up tips while you’re at it too.
    • Averaging over 50,000 views a video, the campaign received over 1.5 MILLION views and received plenty of media attention from around the world, helping Volkswagen achieve their main goal of bringing awareness to female drivers.

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