Daily Resource Feed 10/24/2012

  • This is a link to the opening keynote video from Social Gaming Summit 2012.

    Opening Keynote: The Future of Social Games: How to Be Part of It

    In the last two years, the social games industry has evolved dramatically, seeing the rise and fall of distribution channels and platforms, disruptions in monetization, interesting innovations in game design and a more professional approach towards business processes. While Facebook is an important distribution channel and dominant force today, the social games industry needs take an objective long-term view towards other platforms, including the web, Google+ and the increasingly important smartphone ecosystems. In this keynote, GameDuell’s co-founder and CEO Kai Bolik presents valuable learnings about our industry, with particular focus on the rise of cross-platform games. He will share key metrics taken from several cross-platform social games, coupled with insights regarding platforms and opportunities beyond Facebook. Mr Bolik will discuss the most important changes seen in the past year and their impact on the industry, the actions of current successful businesses in the sector and look towards what to expect in the near ter

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  • It’s safe to say that “Gangnam Style” is the new party anthem.

    Psy’s hilarious, viral music video, “Gangnam Style,” quickly catapulted the 35-year-old South Korean rapper onto the international stage, quite literally. 

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  • This is the link to Tracy Tuten’s PPT file for chapter 6.

    Tags: smm, chp6, ppts, text, social publishing

  • Case study from Appsavvy on the product placement of Public Enemies in the Mafia Wars social game.

    Tags: mafia, wars, chp7, social gaming, smm, case, appsavvy, graphics, video, facebook

    • The critically acclaimed gangster saga Public Enemies has been described as “explosive… thrilling… suspenseful,” “one of the best of the year,” and “like no other.” Those same descriptions accurately reflect the success of the wildly popular Facebook game, Zynga’s Mafia Wars, that launched an unprecedented social media campaign to promote the film’s high-profile December 2009 Blu-ray™ and DVD release.

      The campaign led by appssavvy, a direct sales and services team for the social media space, in partnership with the Los Angeles office of Ignited, a marketing innovations agency working on behalf of Universal Studios Home Entertainment, celebrated the home entertainment release by launching this first-of-its-kind integration reaching millions of consumers.

      Mafia Wars enables social gamers to start a Mafia family with friends, run a criminal empire and fight to be the most powerful family in New York City, Cuba and Moscow. Mafia Wars is played by more than 25 million monthly active Facebook users and represented the perfect “Crime” environment to promote Public Enemies.

    • During “Public Enemies Week” on Mafia Wars, players completed various “jobs” (playing the game) in order to unlock Public Enemies “loot” (branded virtual goods) – items such as John Dillinger’s wooden gun, prison stripes, and Public Enemy #1 Newspaper. Additionally, special Public Enemies-featured jobs were offered for a limited time. After completing jobs, players were able to view clips from the movie and read John Dillinger factoids.

      To demonstrate the success of the campaign, Public Enemies loot garnered nearly 55 million interactions during the week-long campaign. Not only did the game reach millions of players, but it also overdelivered by a multiple of 13, which ultimately supported the film’s Blu-ray and DVD break-out during the busy holiday season.

      Additionally, a Public Enemies-featured job, or “crime spree” was offered to players to complete. While completing the job, players were able to view clips from the movie associated with the job they were completing in-game. Nearly 19 million unique game players completed more than 44.5 million Public Enemies jobs and watched more than 1.5 million Public Enemies movie trailers to completion during the week-long integration.

      Moreover, the integration was a viral success. Jobs and loot interactions were posted to players’ Facebook newsfeed pages more than 7.6 million times delivering nearly one billion viral impressions – all in all, 1.6 billion impressions overall for the campaign. Meanwhile the campaign generated nearly 25,000 ‘Likes’ and more than 26,000 comments on the Mafia Wars Facebook Fanpage.

      In all, the Public Enemies promotion on Mafia Wars created $2.1 million in additional media, delivered huge social media buzz and uniquely broke through the Q4 media clutter.

  • This is the link to Tracy Tuten’s PPT file for chapter 7 of the text, Social Media Marketing.

    Tags: smm, social gaming, social entertainment, chp7, ARGs

  • PPT file for chapter 5 of the text.

    Tags: chp5, smm, social community, ppt

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