Daily Resource Feed 01/10/2013

  • In this article by Brian Clark Howard, you’ll learn the design secrets behind the popularity of Words with Friends and how it monetizes. 

    Tags: chp7, social game, gaming, Zynga, Facebook, chp1, monetization, 2012, Fast Company

    • Words With Friends has 14.9 million monthly active users and 6.7 million daily users, both on smartphones and on Facebook, according to AppData. The game makes money through ads, an ad-free paid version, and recently through in-game purchase options. And the mainstream popularity of the title helped build buzz for Zynga’s $1 billion IPO.
    • Words With Friends’ secret sauce, to which newlyweds Lawless and Jasperse might attest, is the social element that was baked into the game from early on.
    • “I think the most fundamental part of our success is the social connection, which sometimes I call obligation or guilt–the connection that forms in the game when people commit to each other to play,” Bettner says.

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