Daily Resource Feed 04/26/2013

  • The Rijksmuseum has created the Rijksstudio to enable curators to organize art collections and more. 

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  • An article describing the renovations at Rijksmuseum including the development of a social art curation space called Rijksstudio. 

    Tags: smm, chp7, social art, social entertainment, museum, Rijksmuseum, Holland Herald, v2, example

    • He explains: “In the past, you had conventional categories in the museum, like applied art, painting or foreign history. These elements are no longer displayed in separate rooms but now form a single chronological circuit, built around a central atrium. Visitors walk through the history of The Netherlands from the Middle Ages to Mondrian in the 20th century. During the journey, you will see a display of painting, furniture, tapestry, ceramics, glass, costumes, tableware and other objects that relate to a specific period in history and ending about a generation ago. A sense of time combines with a sense of beauty. A century comes to life on every floor. It is an art journey through time. No other major museum has taken this approach. We are a museum where art and history merge.”
    • “We are more than a museum,” says Pijbes. “At every moment of the day and night around the world, someone is looking at a Rembrandt or another Old Master – in reality, in a book or online. With this in mind, we developed the Rijks Studio. Everyone who has a mobile phone has a camera today. And at the Rijks everyone is free to take photographs and make videos. Only no flash is permitted. So iconic images are more and more available worldwide. Accepting that, we think it logical that people should therefore be free to put the images on websites and share them via new media. So they become more and more iconic”.
    • Some 133,000 images have been digitized and are available, free, on the Rijks Studio website, with no copyright restrictions. “You simply type in a subject, say ‘children’, ‘flowers’, ‘hair’, ‘blue’ or ‘dresses’, whatever theme you like, and you get images to choose from. This is revolutionary in the museum world. In fact, I have started something that the museum world has been traditionally against. But I believe it is the way forward. It is radical. The New York Times calls it ‘stunning’.” Perhaps most remarkable is that these images are free to print. Simply take your favourite Rembrandt or Vermeer, and print it on anything from a T-shirt to a car.

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