Bringing the Chapter to Life – Chapter 3

Page 59: Explore Gary Garbett’s social identity

Page 60: Expand familiarity with these social tools

Page 61: Is your desired handle free? Check here.

Page 61: Compare your digital life to those here at PBS’s Digital Nation

Watch PBS’s documentary at

Page 64: Read about the patterns of social media use prevalent among US Society at Pew’s Internet & American Life Project website

Page 69: Brands can target at the local level with tools like Foursquare. Start playing Foursquare.

Page 70: See how Huggies uses social media to target an important demographic group – Mommies! Explore Huggies MomInspired microsite.

Page 71: See how Hallmark is providing social benefits to consumers with its Social Calendar

Page 72: Visit the Lovemarks website and see how brands have developed an emotional connection to consumers.

Page 73: Immerse yourself in the IAB’s regulatory guidelines for online advertising.

Page 74: Compare your social media usage to others like you on Forrester Research’s site.

Page 76: Crash the Superbowl.

Page 77: What kind of technology user are you? Take Pew’s quiz here:

And read more on Pew’s technology types at

Page 78: Type yourself with Anderson Analytics’ Social Networking Typing Tool and then read more about Anderson Analytics’ insight into each type.

Page 79: Write your own six word memoirs at


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