Bringing the Chapter to Life – Chapter 7

Page 147: Learn about Augmented Reality with this video from Adidas (also on our YouTube playlist!).

Page 148: Create your own QR code at

Page 149: Social games are all the rage. Here are the top picks.

Page 151: Immerse yourself in the how-tos of in-game advertising with this white paper from IAB.

Page 151: Take a look at this in-game sponsorship within the game, MaddenNFL11.

Page 152: Explore this well-developed case study on Mafia Wars’ Public Enemies Week.

Page 152: View a documentary on “goldfarming” in China.

Page 153: Mini Maps is an example of a social advergame.

Play it here:

Watch a video of it here:

Page 155: Learn about ARGs at

Page 159: Take a deep dive into “The Lost Ring” –the McDonald’s sponsored ARG featured in the text.

Case Study:

Learn about the agency that created The Lost Ring at

Page 159: Dream about the role games can play in changing the world with this TED talk from famed game designer, Jane McGonigal at





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