Attention Social Media Marketing Professors! Social Media Marketing, 2e Available In Time for Spring 2015!

We are delighted to announce the publication of Social Media Marketing, 2e, which will be out in December and available in time for Spring 2015 Social Media Marketing courses!

The text is published by Sage and available in the U.S. and the U.K. in December, and in other regions shortly thereafter.

If you are a Social Media Marketing professor, you can request preview pages now from Sage.

If you have been using the first edition, your university bookstore will need the new ISBNs. And, please note – the first edition will no longer be available for use.

9781473913011 (paperback)

9781473913004 (hardcover)

Social Media Marketing

I’m so excited about the changes to this edition. The Zones of Social Media Marketing framework developed as the basis for the first edition remains in place. As the industry has developed, we are even more pleased with how well the framework organizes the options for social media marketers. That said, social media have changed in the years since the first edition was published. We know far more now about how to integrate social media marketing plans into the MARCOM plan for a brand. Little was understood about how to manage for social media functions internally before but now we understand the organizational structures that facilitate successful social media marketing. We know more about consumer behavior in social channels and how those consumers respond to influence attempts in social media.

Throughout the book, we’ve integrated the latest in research – from both academia and industry – to support the choices social media marketers make. Every chapter is infused with new examples from around the world. Every case is new – including the ethics boxes (called The Dark Side of Social Media) and the industry insights boxes (called From Bytes to Bucks) and those in the appendix. Plus, this edition includes extra examples in a new feature we call “Show Me!” to help students embrace this exciting area of marketing.

An all-new instructor’s manual, PPTs, and test bank will be available for adopters.

We’ve already gotten strong feedback about the value of this new edition.

Rob Kozinets, the inventor of Netnography (be on the lookout for his latest book coming soon!), said this:

“Do not look any further. Hands down, Solomon and Tuten have produced the single best textbook about social media marketing out there. This radically revised and fully updated edition is even more comprehensive, strategic, organized, visually pleasing, results-oriented and innovative than the first one–and that’s saying a lot. If you are teaching or studying social media marketing or digital marketing, then you need this book!”

There’s insight from Gary Vaynerchuk, founder of Vaynermedia, too. I’m a huge fan of Gary’s book, Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook: How to Tell Your Story in a Noisy Social World.

“I was an F student in college, so my textbooks collected a lot of dust. Had this book been around back then it might have been a different story.”

Mike and I welcome your questions and comments! We hope you like this new edition as much as we do.

PS – You can visit the Amazon page for the book here.