New Belgium Brewing Company Case Study


Campaign, Benefiting Humane Society, Conducted in Partnership with Outside Magazine

PALO ALTO, CA, and Fort Collins, CO, January 25, 2011 – Leading social media marketing company Friend2Friend, Inc., has been selected by New Belgium Brewing to develop a cause-related Facebook marketing campaign on behalf of its popular Mighty Arrow Pale Ale.

A spring seasonal beer, Mighty Arrow is named for Arrow — New Belgium CEO Kim Jordan’s beloved Aussie/Border Collie-mix, famous for patrolling the brewery grounds.  Tapping beer enthusiasts’ love of dogs, Friend2Friend has developed a Facebook app enabling fans to post photos and videos of their own moments with their favorite canines, for a chance to win weekly prizes.

For every participant, New Belgium and Outside Magazine will donate $1 to the Humane Society, up to a maximum of $10,000. The campaign can be found on New Belgium’s Facebook page, here:

The campaign, running through March 4, marks Friend2Friend’s fourth on behalf of New Belgium, working in tandem with New Belgium agency Backbone Media.  The inaugural campaign, in 2009, invited consumers to submit their favorite “follies,” upload a picture (possibly taken while engaging in their folly) and browse those of fellow New Belgium fans.  Their 2010 “Bike Yourself” campaign invited guests to place their picture on the Facebook-posted photo of the New Belgium Brewery’s iconic bike diorama, treating fellow fans to a souvenir photo “from the brewery.”

“New Belgium is a perfect brand for social media, because their fans love to engage with them and share their enthusiasm with friends,” said Friend2Friend CEO Roger Katz.  “In our campaigns we strive to give fans the opportunity to interact with the brand and express themselves.  Through this approach we’ve been able to help build a fan base for New Belgium of over 200,000 fans across their Facebook pages.“

“As with all our campaigns, the Mighty Arrow Facebook application captures the fundamental principles of our brand,” said Adrian Glasenapp, Brand Activist at New Belgium Brewing. “Friend2Friend really knows how to engage our fans and allow them share their own stories. We value their expertise in building applications that both meet our campaign objectives and accurately reflect our brand.”

New Belgium’s earlier work with Friend2Friend (

Friend2Friend got consumers talking about New Belgium through 7 thousand personal stories and references that were distributed “socially” on Facebook. As a result, New Belgium gained 10 thousand new Fans and over a million social impressions during a short, targeted campaign.


What’s Your Folly? New Belgium Brewery wants to know. The New Belgium Brewery has a distinctive style that features a love of beer, bicycles, and a passion for environmental causes. New Belgium has a well-developed website and blog, and a Fan Page that successfully extends its creative brand image to Facebook.

New Belgium wanted to offer its Fans a fun and entertaining way to engage with its brand on Facebook, while staying true to the brand image and targeting authentic New Belgium fans. They turned to their PR Agency, Backbone Media, and Friend2Friend to create a fun activity that would engage current fans and recruit new ones through their friends.


  1. Engage the existing fan base on Facebook and reach out, socially, to their friends
  2. Leverage the style, vernacular, and creative assets already used on New Belgium’s website
  3. Create a contest based on user generated content that fits with the brand image
  4. Increase the number of Facebook Fans with true fans, not just consumers looking for the next brand giveaway


Friend2Friend leveraged vernacular from the New Belgium website and created “What’s Your Folly?”, a contest where Facebook members can become a fan and list their folly to enter a weekly drawing for a limited edition New Belgium cruiser bike. The contest pages and resulting “Folly Gallery” were designed using New Belgium’s distinctive creative assets, and faithfully stayed on brand.

In a five week period, almost 7,000 users participated and submitted follies, generating over 1 million social impressions through newsfeeds, wall posts, and Fan Page visits. New Belgium gained 10,000 new fans, and users spent a significant amount of time interacting with the campaign, averaging 4 and a half minutes per user.

New Belgium was delighted with the passion and creativity of the user-entered Follies. Follies were unique and often very consistent with New Belgium’s own brand messaging, showing that the branding was getting through to, and resonating with, users – a significant achievement in this short-attention-span world. The user interaction and the average time spent on the campaign – nine times the length of a typical television commercial – demonstrated a level of engagement unparalleled by other forms of advertising. In addition, the resulting Folly Gallery of almost 7,000 follies gives New Belgium a base of branded user-generated content to jump-start their next campaign.

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