Saab Case Study

The following case study was submitted by Saab’s own, Johan Grundin, and was presented at Ad Tech.

Saab, the premium car manufacturer of Sweden, experienced a turbulent 2009 with the potential end of its brand and a sense of uncertainty among even its most loyal fans. It sought to generate awareness of the brand and to build trust.  Saab is now owned by Dutch sports car manufacturer, Spyker Cars NV.

Brand pillars: aircraft heritage, Scandinavian origins, independent and innovative thinking

Key target audience: independently thinking individuals who value design authenticity and the freedom to make statements through unconventional choices

Looking at a turbulent year like 2008/2009, Saab’s communication and PR departments faced challenges.

In the spring of 2009, during re-construction and bid process, Saab launched the Trust Building campaign. The fall of 2009 we launched the Changing Perspective campaign and ultimately in the spring of 2010 launched the Anything But Ordinary campaign. We start with the Trust campaign, launched in the blaring hours of re-construction, spring of 2009.

The campaigns are each built around the hub of the Saab Newsroom.

  • Launched as the digital component of the ”Trust” campaign in May, 2009
  •  Opened up to enthusiast blogs/sites
  •  Links to international press
  •  Links to dedicated Saab social media channels (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter)
  •  Enabled comments from customers
  •  Established as our core social media hub
  • Measurements of success: Speed, Utility and Customer engagement
  • Google Analytics and Facebook Insight used as standard reports
  • Growth in new channels a measure of success:
  • 1,500,000+ page views on Saab Newsroom since start (8,000 views/week)
  • 42,700+ fans on Facebook (50,000 reached organically mid December ’10)
  • 1,000,000+ views in our youtube channel (before dedicated automotive channel)
  • 2,000+ followers on twitter
  • 30,000+ downloads of our Saab I-Phone/I-Pad app

Yet, so far no media investment in any of the above channels; a great area of improvement for us.

The news room also enabled Saab to publish content and to generate content from its fans.

The Saab Newsroom now hosts the SaabMagazine online as well as videos, photos, comments,  official news, and more. It presents feeds from all of Saab’s various social media channels including Flickr, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

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