Sample Schedule for Social Media Marketing

Date Ch Topics/Class Activities Assignments Due
8/23 T

Introductions and review syllabus

8/25 R 1

Social media and social media marketing; Beginning the Digital You

Read chapter 1
8/30 T

Introductions to Digital You in class (use About.Me or Flavors.Me to introduce yourself to the class)

Introductions to Digital You due on Bb (see assignment guidelines)
9/1 R 1

Social media marketing

9/6 T It’s Monday! Attend your Monday class
9/8 R 2

Social media marketing and strategic planning

Read chapter 2
9/13 T 2

Strategic social media marketing plans

Complete strategic use of zones assignment

9/15 R 3

Social consumers

Read chapter 3;

Add to your Digital You description to include assessments of your social technographics and other social segments; respond to discussion question on motives for social sharing

9/20 T

Class leadership presentations

Class Leadership assignments due
9/22 R Blogging basics Study blogging basics; practice using “motives” dq
9/27 T 4 Social communities Read chapter 4
9/29 R 4,5 Social networks Read chapter 5;Complete LinkedIn profile, create a network map of your contacts; respond to discussion question on memes
10/4 T 5 Social networks;Introduction to Twitter Facebook brand profile assignment
10/6 R 5 Social network marketing Twitter assignment
10/11 T Fall Break
10/13 R

Class leadership presentations

Class Leadership assignments due
10/18 T 6 Social publishing Read chapter 6
10/20 R Exam 1 Exam 1
10/25 T 6 Social publishing and SEM
10/27 R 6 Content production
11/1 T 7 Social gaming Read chapter 7Content creation assignment
11/3 R 7 Social gaming Gaming assignment due
11/8 T 8 Social commerce

Read chapter 8

11/10 R

Class Leadership presentations

Class Leadership assignments due

11/15 T 8 Social commerce
11/17 R 9 Social monitoring

Read chapter 9

11/22 T 9-10 Research, Metrics

Read chapter 10

11/24 R Thanksgiving Break
11/29 T 10 Metrics
12/1 R Exam 2 Take exam 2 in class
12/6 T Project Q&A

Class Leadership presentations

Class leadership assignments

12/? Team projects duePresentations

Submit team projects and presentation materials to Bb

*Schedule subject to change at the discretion of the instructor. Any changes will be announced in class and on Blackboard.

Contact Dr. Tracy Tuten with any questions:


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